Wednesday, April 9, 2014

I Underslept a Little

Vyvanse murders sleep. Strattera just kinda slugs sleep in the jaw and then promises that it can change, baby, just give it another chance.

Apart from that, it's not too bad, and I think it may be starting to have an effect.

Just finished re-reading Lord Jim. Is it possible to have a tragic glory? It's hard to think that Jim's tragic flaw was his willingness to forgive the faults in others that he saw in himself, and Jim's vulnerability really was that his romanticism and heroic ideals caused the appearance of those faults in another to blind him to that other's more serious character flaws. But without that romanticism and those ideals, Jim would have simply been a casualty of fortune, someone who, Conrad makes clear, was not terribly different from his brother-men, but who had the bad luck to have been put to a test that those brothers would also have failed as well. As the evidence of their own vulnerability, Jim had to be put outside his community, but Jim's greatness was that his romanticism bred an inability to accept life on the outskirts of fellowship.

Which has nothing to do with ADHD except, hey! Seems I've found my hyperfocus for the day!

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