Saturday, February 14, 2015


I don't mean Valentine's day, although today is Valentine's day, which reminds me that I haven't done anything about it being Valentine's day, and do you capitalize "day"? I don't know. I haven't played the brewery instance in World of Warcraft in a while and that was really a fun one and what does that have to do with holidays? I hear you asking. Because no meds on weekends, that's why.

So this morning, wake up remembering that the big thing today is that two very dear friends whom we haven't seen in a while are going to be dropping by to visit and go out to lunch on their way home. This is about three hours ago. Ask B what we need to get done before they get here. B suggests that the kitchen needs work. I ask when he's planning on getting up, after some back and forth we arrive at about 9-9:30. Fair enough.

I head downstairs, let the dogs out, and play Plants vs Zombies for half an hour because when I opened my iPad it pinged at me that there was an alert in Plants vs Zombies. OK, put that down, turn on the stereo and start a playlist on the iPad, which is why I opened it in the first place.

Hold on, I have to go play Plants vs Zombies for a bit. BBQ.

OK, so I start the music and pick up my knitting because Becky is having a baby and I'm knitting a sweater and some socks and I need to get those done. Except I've been stitching fish into the sweater pattern and I don't really like the way they're turning out, so I'm going to go online and search for knitting fish pattern, and some of these are really cute, especially this one that's on socks - I need to post that on Facebook.

Don't go into the light, Carol Ann! But I head over to Facebook anyway and luckily there isn't anything too enticing there and I'm out and looking again for fish tessellations. I find one and start knitting, but somewhere the count is off and even though I keep trying to figure out how it is that this 12 stitch iteration is not actually fitting across my 87-stitch sweater 7 times, it doesn't.

So now I'm reading the article and I see that it mentions a knitting stitch pattern software goodness and I find something that says it's a copy of it but my anti-virus is telling me that I'm an idiot and that without it watching out for me 24-7, I'd basically be posting my bank account number in the clear on a billboard. Fair enough.

But then I find an article that compares several similar programs, and one of them should be clean, right? And I do, in fact, find one that is still available and may pass muster with my anti-virus, but I'll never know because it costs $185 and no way am I paying $185 for something that I could develop myself in only about 500 hours, by which time I could have knit a solid dozen baby sweaters. Nothing to do for it but to download Visual Studio Express and start coding. I've been wanting to brush up on C# anyway, this would be the perfect...

Now - right now as I'm typing this - B walks in and asks if our friends have been in touch. I don't know, maybe. My phone's in my purse, I didn't hear it, but could be. B says that friends called his phone, so would I check mine, but I'm busy sitting here, still in my pajamas, blogging about how I have trouble with setting priorities and following through. I'd love to finish this, but I have to go argue with my husband about why I have to do everything around here.

We're at Adderall-minus-45hours and counting.

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